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adelphi23's Journal

21 October 1983
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Okay, so, stuff about me. I’m sarcastic but not mean. Obsessed but not stalkerish. Short but... well my 8 year old brother can take me so, short and weak.

I’m a slow writer despite an influx of ideas, and even if I do finish something I rarely post until I’m 100% happy with it, which sometimes take years.

I’ve been in fandom for over 8 years and in that time I’ve belonged to many, many fandoms, the most prolific and long-lasting being the Harry Potter fandom. Due to my involvement there, nothing shocks me. After you’ve read fic in which Harry makes passionate, joyful love to his pet owl, nothing can phase you anymore. I’ve also never written anything that wasn’t NC-17 or the equivalent of, so, yeah, I like my porn to be PORNY.

I’m currently salivating over Life On Mars, (hence the new journal,) which I started watching a couple of weeks ago. I'm also currently into Beatles slash and dabble insignificantly in a couple of other things. I'm working on a couple of fics at the minute which I hope to have up soon, but they're long and I refuse to post until they're finished.

So that’s what you need to know about me in essence I guess. Any further questions can be directed to me inside, so come on in.